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Feb 22, 2021

It’s Monday and you already know the drill! It's 8:24 Podcast time! I have a question I need an answer to. Why are people so obsessed with Russel Wilson, Ciara and Future? Especially the women who didn’t know who he was before Ciara! I’m going to do a deep dive on a few relationships you guys consider “goals”!...

Feb 15, 2021

It's dead presidents day! I hope everyone enjoyed and had a safe Valentines Day! We gotta talk about Judas And The Black Messiah, Trumps acquittal and the lack of media coverage on Chad Wheeler, Britt Reid and Chris Doyle. Why should they be getting media coverage? I'll let you know why!

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Feb 8, 2021

It's Monday! So that means 3 things! We also have new SuperBowl Champions! Tampa Tom and the Buccaneers are once again SuperBowl champs after spanking the Chiefs 31-9! Can we take Mahomes and Rogers out of the GOAT conversation now please? Also LeBron aint feeling the NBA All-Star game coming up in March! Listen below!

Feb 1, 2021

It's another episode of the 8:24 Podcast and we have to talk about everyone going crazy over GameStop and AMC shares! Why? I'll tell you about it! For all my comic book nerds out there, the Snyder Cut finally gets a release date! I will also be co-hosting a room on Club House with Nahema of Black Gold Imaging! Listen...